A Makubekèn about sharks

On Bonaire, the April edition of the quarterly paper Makubekèn is out and this time, it is all about sharks! The new issue contains numerous local news stories, editorials, fun shark games, and looks back to last year’s Bonaire Shark Week.

Makubekèn is an old Papiamento word meaning announcement in English. In the old days before post, radio and newspapers people would walk a long distance to go from house to house to tell news. The message received was called a ‘makubekèn.’ The paper is delivered door to door just like in the old days and it contains articles and news about nature and environment. The articles are written in Papiamento and English. Production was done by STINAPA Bonaire and made possible by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the DCNA, and The Pew Charitable Trusts.

View the digital edition of the April Makubekèn on the website of STINAPA, or download it here.