Save Our Sharks: Progress and Achievements

The Save Our Sharks team is looking back at a very successful year and a half of campaigning for shark conservation. Since kicking off in June 2015, we organized a myriad of activities and events reaching a continuously growing audience in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. There were press trips, radio and television interviews, tagging trips, and plenty of activities mixing fun with education. And all the while, we accomplished both giant strides and small steps towards the level of protection that sharks so desperately need.

To celebrate the progress, an overview was made of the project thus far. The report was officially handed over to ambassador Jörgen Raymann ahead of the End-of-the-Year reception that was organized as a thank you to all the people that have contributed to the project over the past year.

Picture by Tanja Fraai

The progress report shows how much is already achieved in a short period of time but now all the plans and resolutions will need to be corroborated with the proper legislation. So this will require more work for the coming time. And to support this, the involvement and awareness of people is imperative. As said by Irene Kingma, Save Our Sharks project leader in the Netherlands: “People need to start loving sharks more.”